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Choosing a Criminal Lawyer in St. Louis… the Stress-Free Way

Did you know over 10% of felony criminal cases in St. Louis County end up being dismissed? Out of this average, around 1 in 5 of cases are tossed out within days of the trial start. To the defendants, this may seem like a stroke of good luck. But, the more likely scenario is that there is a dedicated defense attorney working behind scenes. A time-tested criminal lawyer in St. Louis can often provide compelling evidence to demonstrate why their client’s charges should be dropped. 

In this article, we will explore some of the traits you should look for when choosing a criminal lawyer. Finding an experienced defense attorney may not ensure your charges are dropped, but it will likely improve the odds of achieving a desirable outcome for your case. 

5 Traits that Make a Great Criminal Lawyer — Look for These!

At Byrnes Law Firm, we know searching for a criminal lawyer can be an overwhelming experience. The criminal charges have likely caused a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in your life, and now you have to make a decision that could greatly influence your future. 

In terms of criminal defense attorneys, there are a number of options out there. Many of these lawyers make bold claims and use clever catch phrases in their advertisements to attract potential clients. Even if you do have the best defense attorney, the outcome of your case will still be decided by the jury and judge — and even the best defense lawyers in St. Louis lose a certain percentage of cases they take on. 

#1. Experience

The legal website, FindLa, points out that legal experience goes beyond a working knowledge of the law. Experience and time in the legal system also help a lawyer establish important relationships with judges and prosecutors. These relationships can play an important part in negotiating criminal charges — or having them thrown out completely. An experienced criminal lawyer will also have spent a good amount of time before juries. A seasoned criminal defense attorney knows how to read a jury. It takes years of experience to craft this ability and use it in such a way that sways the opinion of jury members.

#2. Trustworthiness

The importance of trust in your lawyer cannot be overstated. This is, after all, someone who will have a huge influence on your future. As you go through your list of potential defense attorneys, be sure to pay attention to online reviews. What do other people say about a particular lawyer? Once you have narrowed down your selection to several lawyers, you may want to ask for references or professional recommendations. 

Don’t be afraid to use your own intuition in judging an attorney’s apparent trustworthiness. After all, the judge jury will also be assessing your lawyer’s trustworthiness in court.

#3. Attentiveness

Your initial consultation will be a good time to see how closely a lawyer listens to your side of the story and responds to your questions and concerns. If they seem to brush you off during the initial consultation, can you trust them to be there for you when it matters most? By an “attentive lawyer” we mean someone who will take the time to answer all of your questions and respond in a way that you understand. 

Your lawyer should also try to gather as much information from you as possible. Seemingly small details can often have a huge impact on how a jury decides their verdict.

#4. Criminal Law Specialization

Apart from becoming a board-certified attorney, there are no additional certification steps to become a criminal defense attorney. Therefore, any attorney with state board certifications can say they are a criminal defense attorney, even if they do no have courtroom experience in a criminal trial. 

If you are charged with a crime, you will want to go with an attorney that specializes in criminal law. This ensures they are well-versed in the criminal code and have a solid record of winning these types of cases. 

#5. Cost-Effective Representation

When choosing a criminal lawyer, you have to weigh the potential costs of hiring a certain lawyer with the severity of the charges against you. 

What about public defenders? There are many solid public defenders out there. But if you choose to be represented by a public defender, it will be the courts who choose your attorney — not you. 

Based on the charges against you, you may want to ask yourself this question: can you afford to not have a qualified private attorney represent your case?

Why Choose Byrnes Law Firm?

Bill Byrnes of Byrnes Law Firm specializes in criminal law — and only criminal law. Bill understands the inner workings of St. Louis and St. Charles Counties’ criminal justice systems. He applies this knowledge and experience in fighting for the rights of his clients, something Bill has done for over 20 years. 

Byrnes Law Firm has two decades worth of experience in representing criminal law cases with an Avvo rating of “excellent,” Bill is also one of the highest rated criminal lawyers in the St. Charles and St. Louis areas. Judges have remarked on the degree to which Bill Byrnes looks out for the personal wellbeing of his clients. Bill treats each client with the attentiveness and respect they deserve. 

If you have been charged with a crime, we know that you are likely facing one of the most difficult and trying times of your life. We will listen to your side of the story, answer your questions, and make recommendations on how to best proceed with your case.

Bill Byrnes has a passion for protecting the rights of his clients accused of shoplifting, DWI, drug possession, and other criminal charge. You deserve to have your best interests represented and your case competently defended in court. With Byrnes Law Firm, you will have an attorney that is confident, not arrogant, and one that will take the time to explain the complexities of the legal process so you will fully understand your options. 

Payment Plans Available

We strive to make our legal services as affordable as possible. Byrnes Law Firm offers a number of flexible payment options. These help you get the legal services you need now, while keeping your financial standing intact.  

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