Meeting Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Preparing to meet your criminal defense lawyer for the first time shouldn’t be intimidating if you have the right lawyer in your corner.  The goal is to walk into the law office feeling confident that you are on your way to getting this DWI, DUI or other serious criminal charge behind you quickly and effectively.

Choosing Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Not all attorneys are equal.  Pick a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in helping those arrested with cases similar to yours.

The best attorneys typically do one type of law.  Why?  It’s simple.  They provide top notch representation that brings them more then enough business. In fact, they are usually so successful they can command higher prices.  If an attorney is soliciting family law cases one day and personal injury the next, chances are they are fishing around for any paying clients they can find or they haven’t found their niche yet.

Do you want your freedom and your future in the hands of an expert in criminal defense or the guy that will be posting ads that evening on Facebook that he can also prepare your will or do name changes?

Meeting Your Attorney

As a criminal defense lawyer, I believe that my clients are innocent until proven guilty. If you’ve made a mistake, I want to help you get the best possible outcome — the outcome that allows you to get on with your life.

A meeting with  your lawyer is not the same with an interview with the police.

We offer a free initial consultation. It’s your first step toward solving your problem and moving on.

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