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Understanding Missouri Video Recording Laws

With the cost of video surveillance equipment dropping each year, more of us are being recorded by video surveillance and CCTV cameras each and every day. But, have you ever stopped to wonder what Missouri video recording laws may mean for you, or your business?

If you have a home or business in St. Louis County, there are certain restrictions on where you can place a video capture device and how the recorded images and audio are used. Like many states, Missouri allows businesses and residential facilities to place video cameras in locations that are commonly open to the public. Missouri’s video recording laws are designed to protect the privacy of individuals while also allowing businesses the flexibility they need to prosecute cases of vandalism and theft. 

Where Can Video Surveillance Equipment Not  Be Placed?

Even if you own the property in question, you cannot place a video recording device in a location where there is a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” It is perfectly fine to record someone who is stepping out of their front door, for example, but it’s a completely different matter — legally speaking — to record someone in their home, through their drapes and blinds.

What are Missouri’s Wiretapping Laws?

Missouri law also protects individuals from being secretly recorded by an audio capture device without their consent. Wiretapping can be conducted by law enforcement agencies as part of a criminal investigation, so long as permission has been granted by the courts. 

For the public, this means that unless you are a member of law enforcement and have been granted permission to record an individual (or group of individuals), you cannot record someone using a video and/or audio capture device without permission, or in a place where a reasonable expectation of privacy exists. 

Need Help with a Surveillance Case?

If you are facing charges of illegal wiretapping or surveillance, contact Byrnes Law Firm to discuss the details of your case. 

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