Recalling Warrants in Missouri Courts

Are you afraid a warrant for your arrest has been issued? Warrants can be issued for a Failure to Appear (FTA), for missed court dates, failure to pay all fines, or if a new criminal charge or probation violation has been filled. When an active arrest warrant is verified by the police, they will arrest you immediately once you are located… even if they find you at work or while you are caring for your children. Recalling warrants is a possibility, though.

Being arrested for a minor traffic violation can create serious problems in your life. Of course, a more serious charge can cause even more serious problems.

A warrant of this kind can be recalled by the same judge who issued the warrant. Once the warrant is recalled, police will not arrest you as soon as they see you: it’s that simple.

Do you have an outstanding warrant?

If you failed to appear for a court date or for some other reason believe that there might be a warrant for your arrest, you can call the court office and ask whether there is a warrant out for you. If so, you should take action immediately. If you wait until you are arrested and taken to jail, you will have less credibility with the court.

You’ll also have no control over the timing of your arrest. Arresting officers will not negotiate with you or agree to come back later.

However, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. If you believe you have an active warrant for your arrest, call our office immediately at 636-896-4300. Bill Byrnes will advise you on the next steps of your case at no charge. Many times he can enter as your attorney by sending a notice to the court and request the warrant be recalled on the same business day.

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