Bath Salts Defense

Bath Salts are a synthetic form of cocaine, or synthetic cathinones, typically packaged in 200 milligram packets. Bath salts –the drug, not the health and beauty preparation you sprinkle in your tub — are not sold in retail stores but have been sold in smoke and head shops across the country, including in Missouri.

Bath Salts are snorted in white powder form and typically contain Mephedrone (MDVP). Many consider bath salts more dangerous than cocaine. They can cause extremely high blood pressure, severe panic attacks, and extreme hallucinations.

On July 14, 2011, Governor Jay Nixon signed House Bill 641 into law. This law bans any substance that attempts to mimic the effects of marijuana or cocaine. Under HB 641, those possessing these substances would be charged with a Class C Felony.

Also covered in HB 641 is K3, a synthetic form of marijuana. K3 was created after the 2010 ban on synthetic pot labeled K2. K3 was created using compounds that were not illegal under the K2 ban. HB 641 was worded to close the loopholes on synthetic drugs such as bath salts, K2, K3, and any newly created drugs aimed at recreating the effects of cocaine and marijuana.

Bath salt arrests are currently taking place in Missouri. One cathinones producing ring was arrested not only for producing the drugs but also for mislabeling their products and for money laundering.

Since these drugs are sometimes sold in public places like gas stations and bait shops, you need a lawyer who fully understands the relevant laws in Missouri. Bill Byrnes is determined to protect the rights of all his clients.

Our office has seen an increase in defendants possessing bath salts and seeking bath salt defense. If you or your loved ones are being charged with a crime related to bath salts, call criminal defense attorney Bill Byrnes immediately for FREE 24 hours a day at 636-896-4300.

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