Juvenile Defense Attorney in Missouri

Juvenile defense is always hardest on the parents. You may be more terrified than your child when you think how this situation will impact their futures. I’m Bill Byrnes, a criminal defense lawyer and a father. I know the kinds of thoughts that go through your mind when your child is arrested: you’re thinking about tough love, about how you can protect your child from being in “the system,” and maybe even wondering where you went wrong as a parent.

I have worked with families across the state of Missouri, though my concentration over the last fifteen years has been specifically for families in St. Louis, St. Charles, Montgomery, Franklin, Lincoln and Warren Counties. I have dealt with hundreds of unique scenarios. I believe my experience will help you and your family.

Like you, my goal is to keep your child out of detention centers. Detention centers are what the juvenile justice system calls jail for our youths. I do not believe children should be court ordered out of their homes for discipline, but I realize that making an appropriate impact on their behavior is helpful to you as the parent.

More often than not, juvenile charges are directly or indirectly related to drug use. My approach to getting kids off drugs and providing proof of being drug free at their court date has been extremely successful. My method has been recognized by several of the judges in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

There are significant differences between the Adult system and the Juvenile Justice system. I will walk you through this difference and listen to your family’s story. Together we can create an approach that is legally sound and works with your family’s values to protect your child’s future. Let’s talk now. I can be contacted for free at 636-896-4300, 24 hours a day.

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